MOTOTRIKE: dream on three wheels Rewaco

Drive with the driving licence type B

Active axle makes cutting bends more comfortably

authentic driving experience

Enjoy safe riding with your friends

active axle eliminates the centrifugal force in bends

Active suspension

  • Authentic driving experience
  • Active axle makes cutting bends more comfortably
  • Eliminates the centrifugal force in bends
  • Hydro-pneumatic CTAF system

Hydro-pneumatic CTAF* springing combines the benefits of solid axle and independent suspension without sacrificing the driving comfort. Active axle works on the principle of independents suspension with the opportunity to change the pressure depending on the load.

The CTAF Principle:

When driving through a bend CTAF compensates the centrifugal force and provides a comfortable and safe drive through the bend. The trike remains stable, holds on the road and has no tendencies to leave it. Without CTAF axle the trike behaves like a four-wheeler or a bike with a side-car with typical impacts of the centrifugal force on the driver and the trike. The active CTAF axle is available for all Rewaco Bike Conversion models from 2013 and it can be installed even on older models.

About us

We have been specialising in individual adaptations of motor vehicles and services for over twenty years.

We are the official representative of the German Rewaco company and provide complete warranty and post-warranty service, including conversions of vehicles for disabled people and custom production of accessories for motorcycles. Every conversion is dealt with on indidivual basis according to the wishes of the customer. You may have met us at


Motor Cycles

Why mototrike?

  • Reverse for easy handling
  • Comfortable traveling
  • Large boot
  • Driving licence B sufficient

  • Possibility of conversion for disabled people
  • A solution when the traditional bike is too heavy or you start to have problems with your back
  • Price scope depending on models and accessories from EUR 20,000
  • Possibility of VAT deduction


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